Technaxx Power Inverter 1200W TE16
Technaxx Power Inverter 1200W TE16

Technaxx Power Inverter 1200W TE16

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Power Inverter 1200W TE16

For mobile use of various electronic devices via 12V connection

Ports and sockets

2x 5V USB ports with max. 3.1A (in total)

2x 230V safety contact sockets with power switch

Converts 12V DC battery power into standard 230V AC (household) power, to run a variety of electronics, e.g. tablets, smartphones, laptop computers, game systems, TVs, DVD/MP3 players, camping accessories, GPS units and much more 

1200W continously Output Power

Output power max. 1200W (continuous) & 2400W (peak)

Automatic safety shutdown to secure the car battery (alarm at ~10.5V & ~16V)

Automatical Turn On with Alarm

Built-in Ventilation Fan

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